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Fate/Apocrypha Blu-ray Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

War is coming!

The hunt for Assassin of Black will have to be placed on pause. Both factions are about to have their first major clash. However, this party won’t be complete until two vital players arrive. As we’ve come to know, something is not right about this war. Ruler’s continued investigation has led her to the scene of the most recent battle. Backtracking all the events that occurred there led her to a trap, though breaking out will not be a problem. It is what she saw next that threw her off completely. Those on the Red Faction are not playing this game quite fairly. Unfortunately, Ruler is not able to reach them in time. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon have taken off to directly confront the Black Faction. Regardless, Ruler will keep up her hot pursuit. She intends to oversee this Great Holy Grail War no matter the costs.

Ruler isn’t the only one that heads for the battlefield. Sieg, the one she had hoped to keep away will be making his first bold steps. She knew it was destined from the moment they met, yet attempted in vain to keep him out. Nevertheless, Sieg now knows what his life is meant for. He has been given a chance at life, and he wishes to do the same for his brothers and sisters. They might just be throwaway soldiers to most, but to him they are worth fighting for. Freeing the homunculi won’t be an easy task, though. A battlefield like no other awaits awaits Seig and many others. Anyhow, all preparations are finally complete. Enjoy the eve of war!





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