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Manaria Friends T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

How could she?!

Jealousy has taken full hold of Anne. After witnessing Hanna leaving Grea’s room, she couldn’t believe the sight before her. Grea never let her get so much as an inch inside her domain. Now, before Hanna could explain the situation, Anne and Grea had begun their first fight. Nothing got physical, but a whole lot feelings will be getting hurt. These two best friends won’t be on speaking terms for quite sometime, and Anne is doing her best to avoid Grea. Fortunately, Grea can see the great pain her dear friend is in. Recalling upon all their great memories they had together, Grea will return to where everything began. It is here where 2 friends fix their inseparable bond. Those long winter days won’t pass any faster without Anne by her side.

Was this all over just a broken window? Well, as any anime viewer knows, misunderstanding are rampant. Hanna was only there to help fix Grea’s room. Unfortunately, before things could be straighten out, Anne went off the deep end. One of her biggest goals is to get into Grea’s room. I’m sure one can only imagine for what reason she wants this, though Grea has been totally against it. No matter how many times Anne has requested it, she’s always been denied. So, seeing Hanna step out of Grea’s room totally threw her off. A fight among friends is normal, but to see these two apart was near heartbreaking. Thankfully, Grea won’t let Anne spend her cold days alone. Even if Anne doesn’t want her there, Grea will stick beside her. Anyhow, we’ve got just one more to go. Enjoy the lovers feud!





End Card:




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Our tales of friendship will soon be coming to a close. Still, join us for the finale here at, Anime Solution!

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