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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 76

by Yumiko

Round Five, start?

Team I can’t seem to find their third member. All they know is their name is listed as “X”. Fortunately, X has been there all along, though he painted away a few key details. Once it was showtime, Rill made quite the entrance. Now, a captain entering the tournament may be a cause for concern. Will it even be possible for anyone to take him on? Well, the objective of this tournament was never about going head to head. All is fair in these matches, thus Rill is more than welcome to play along. Moreover, he’s simply here to help restore the image of his squad. The recent announcement of his squad coming in dead last is something he won’t let go. Upon these tournament grounds, he plans to show everyone what his knights are made of.

A victory for Rill’s team is more than expected here, but we also got to learn a bit about him. Turns out, Rill had quite the troubled past. Upon receiving his grimoire, he began to lock himself away. His vision of art just wasn’t understood by others. Unable to deal with this reality, Rill started down a destructive painting path. However, his beloved butler, Walter, could not stand to see his young master in such pain. No matter how much anger Rill threw at him, he would reach him. Pushing Rill back onto the righteous path only took a few adjustment by Walter. First, he needed to understand others before they could understand him. Once he could do that, his works of art would truly shine. Additionally, the canvases he was currently painting upon were all far too small. Only by joining the magical knights would his true master piece come about. These words have stuck with Rill since, and he’s only blossomed from there. Becoming the youngest captain ever was just the first of his many achievements to come. Anyhow, it’s time to make them beautiful. Enjoy today’s master piece!



Petit Clover: This was a missed opportunity to hint towards the King’s magic.




Click here for the WebM album.


Looks like this may be quite the long tournament. Join us for even more battles next week!


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