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Boogiepop wa Warawanai T.V. Media Review Episode 13

by Yumiko

Preparations are complete!

Nagi is ready to confront Makiko about all the recent murders, though a few other individuals will be joining in on this party. Sasaki plans to shadow Nagi in-case anything goes wrong. Unfortunately, Sasaki has been played. Behind his back, Makiko and Pigeon have forged an unlikely alliance. Turns out, Pigeon had quite the thing for Scarecrow. Murdering her beloved will cost Sasaki his life, although he won’t be going alone. Moreover, after dealing with Sasaki, Makiko is ready for a taste of fear. A hot pursuit for Nagi has begun, however she’s not simply running for her life. Makiko has been lured into an ideal spot for Nagi to take her down. She’s thought twice after tasting Nagi’s lightning, although she won’t be running far. Makiko’s body has begun to breakdown. Broken and afraid, Fear Ghoul will meet her end with a sudden pop. Boogiepop has taken its first of many heads to come.

So, what was this all about again? Well, the net gain of this arc was learning all about where Boogiepop and Fire Witch began. On one hand we had a tragic backstory with Nagi. Three men in her life died protecting her. Through her connection with each one, she started down the path of becoming an investigator. It might not be quite the hero life she envisioned, but she’ll only be growing from here. This choice in career will also have her continually crossing paths with Boogiepop. The end here was just their first meeting, yet the name Boogiepop will soon be spreading like wildfire. World ending threats beware, the one who pops out of thin air is ready to reap. The name it got from Scarecrow will not be forgotten. Anyhow, this end will soon be met by a new beginning. Enjoy the trip back home, Boogiepop!





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We start picking away at the final arc next week! Check back in each Sunday until we’re all boogied out.

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