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Sword Art Online: Alicization T.V. Media Review Episode 23

by Yumiko

This one will hurt!

Quinella’s long hunt against her other half will finally be decided. Cardinal won’t be able to run this time, and a most sinister reveal awaited her. There’s a bit more going on with that sword golem than meets the eye. In order to form such a powerful creature, Quinella had to use 300 humans. However, even then there’s no way she alone could pull off this scared art. All those stolen memories have been going to good use. The 100th floor is decorated with the memory fragments from the Integrity Knights. Through their unwilling assistance, Quinella plans to ensure victory here and afar. Half of humanity will also be turned into sword golems if Quinella gets her way. Now, this leave Cardinal with only one option. She is unable to kill humans, but her life can be sacrificed to save those behind her. In exchanged for her life, Quinella promises to spare the trio. Nevertheless, even her noble sacrifice won’t stop the inevitable. Something must be done to put an end to Quinella.

Two years ago a voice called out to them, though who it was wasn’t quite clear at that moment. Alice’s memories have been waiting for their arrival all this time. Additionally, the situation at hand has made Eugeo realize what he was meant for on this journey. He will no longer hesitate or cower before others. The Blue Rose Knight has affirmed his decision before the dying Cardinal. Using up the last of her powers, Eugeo has requested to be broken down into a sword. This is the only choice if they are to stop Quinella and save humanity. Together at last, Alice’s memories and Eugeo will bring down the sword golem. Unfortunately, Eugeo pushed his luck after taking down the golem. Charging directly for Quinella, Eugeo is snapped in two, although not before taking one of her arms out. Regardless, Quinella still stands ready to fight the last man remaining. Now, during all this time, Kirito watched as two people close to him gave up their lives. A third will not be joining their ranks. The Black Swordsman will not let history repeat itself, he stands ready to put an end to all this. Anyhow, the climax of this battle will be for next time. Enjoy the bloodbath!





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Just one more before the break. Stay tuned for a clash between the last 2 left standing here at, Anime Solution!

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