Date A Live III T.V. Media Review Episode 11

Let’s seal the deal!

New Origami checks out, though the devil inside her must be dealt with. There’s no telling how long before she does something regrettable. Fortunately, Shido has already set up a date, yet he won’t be going in without backup. The Fraxinus crew have been filled in on all the details about the old timeline. Still, a date with Origami calls for extreme caution. One wrong move could bring Satan out. Nevertheless, that devil inside her will be acting up on their date. Origami will be slipping in and out of consciousness to enact all manners of lewdness. However, no matter the situation her happiness remained the same. Being with Shido made her glow like no other. Unfortunately, an accident at the end of the date caused Shido to cut his hand. This minor wound caused his automatic healing to kick in, and caused Satan to awaken. An Inverse Spirit is something Shido won’t be able to take on alone. Those that he’s recruited along the way will be right behind him. Regardless, the situation that started all this has begun again. Origami has closed herself off from everyone. Saving her will require Shido to endure a hellish pain, but if it means reaching her, he will press on. Reaching out to save both the new and old Origami, Shido has sealed yet another one.

There’s some aftermath to this whole situation. While Origami locked herself away from everyone, new Origami experienced all the memories of the old timeline. The weight of all the things she’s done can not be forgotten, but Shido will stand beside her no matter what. As he promised so long ago, she can always lean on him. Moreover, old Origami let Shido in on a little secret. She truly never loved him back on the old timeline. She was just merely depending on him, though this fact does not deter Shido. It was because she constantly clung to him, he went to these lengths to save her. Additionally, Origami will be formally entering the war for Shido’s heart. Now that all her problems are resolved, she’s declared her love. However, She’ll have to fight Tohka to get anywhere near Shido first. Looks like things are back as they should be. Anyhow, it’s time to restore a smile. Enjoy the last of Satan!


At this point why even censor this? We saw her butt just last episode!

Censored the shower scene, then later gave an up-skirt! Bold, J.C. Staff.

This is pretty much the end of Mirai Nikki.




Click here for the WebM album.


Just one final episode to go. However, I have a feeling there’s plenty more dates to come, well at least here. Check back next week for the last review of season 3!

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