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Flip Flappers Blu-ray Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Who was Iro?

Another dive into Pure Illusion has led our heroines to a dangerous encounter. Taking down this monstrosity was one thing, though what awaited them next was their continued annoyance. Team Yayaka has come to snatch the crystal, yet Papaika isn’t going to let them run without a fight. Unfortunately, an unexpected blow had Cocona and Papika fall further than they should of. Before their eyes a gateway to uncharted territory awaited. Now, unlike the surreal worlds they’ve entered thus far, this one was a bit closer to home. Pure Illusion had taken them inside the memories of their dare friend, Iroha. Both of them will walk through a childhood experience that shaped Iroha. However, their action inside Pure Illusion will come at a cost. Fixing Iroha’s past memories for the better has changed her in the real world.

Episode 6 began with Cocona and Papika paying Iroha a visit at the art room. They had come to give her cookies, but they learned something personal about her. Iroha claimed that she had no right to ever paint her finger nails. The reasoning behind this wasn’t clear at first, though after their dive it became quite clear why she rejected painting her nails. Back when Iroha was a child, she did everything possible to get away from her broken home. This had her fleeing to her “auntie’s” house. She cherished every moment there, unfortunately she forget a promise with her aunt. If her aunt ever forget who Iroha was, she was to remind her. Sadly, when her alzheimer’s disease kicked in hard, Iroha ran away from the situation. She had forgotten the promise they made over a very special gift. So, where do our heroines play into all this? Well, they’ve remembered the promise after walking through Iroha’s memories. Before sending auntie off, they will remind her who Iroha is. As one can imagine, their actions here had an immediate effect. Back on the topside, Iroha is showing off her nails with pride. Although, is this the only change that has occurred? Those just for fun adventures to Pure Illusion might just raise a few questions for Cocona. Anyhow, a defeat here isn’t the end. Enjoy the deep side of Pure Illusion!





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The consequences of today shall not be forgotten. Cocona and Papika will return, though at a much later date.

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