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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 75

by Yumiko

This tournament has only gotten started!

Clear the stage, Asta. Other participants will now be given their time to shine. Magna and Finral can’t let their kouhai get all the applause. Both their teams will be displaying an excellent match with teamwork included. However, the results of the 4th match had heads turning. Finral’s younger brother, Langris, will be showing everyone what a true spatial mage is capable of. His opponents didn’t even stand a chance. After such a strong showing, he’s even gone the extra mile to call out Finral. It won’t be long before everyone here see what House Vaude is made of. The 2nd match these two have will feature a brotherly clash like no other.

House Vaude isn’t the only ones bringing the sibling drama. Kirsch, Mimosa’s older brother, only wishes to see beauty before his eyes. Those that are unsightly should never set foot before him. This means magic-less peasants like Asta have no place among the magic knights. Now, Mimosa is already indifferent towards her brother’s eccentric style, though going after Asta has crossed a line. Their next match will also settle a battle between siblings. A Vermillion is set to be knocked back to reality. Moreover, there’s one other sibling rivalry that has yet to kick off. Noelle’s time to shine is quickly approaching, though we’ve got a mysterious competitor coming up next. Anyhow, tensions will only continue to rise from here. Enjoy the teamwork while it lasts!





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The battles ahead are only going to get tougher. Keep checking back each Tuesday to see how each team fares!

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