Gotoubun no Hanayome T.V. Media Review Episode 10

Nino time!

The school trip is in full swing, and that means it’s time for the test of courage. Normally Fuutarou only puts his all into studying, but this will be an exception. Those that cross his path during the test will be given quite the fright. Now, when it came to scaring Itsuki, he did his job so well she ran off the planned pathway. This had Nino chasing after her sister, though she could not find her. Unfortunately, going off the intended path comes with a danger. A nearby cliff is awaiting any unsuspecting victim. Knowing something bad might happen, Fuutarou goes after them both. Furthermore, Fuutarou forget one important detail before searching for them. He was still wearing a wig that made him appear like a certain “relative” Nino had fallen for. This relative was none other than Fuutarou himself, yet Nino is only seeing the one she’s destined to be with. Additionally, under this moonlight sky Fuutarou will save Nino’s life. It was after this moment Nino knew, he was the one she wanted to dance with at the bonfire. A formal request to dance has been given, although will definitely not Fuutarou make a 2nd appearance?

Nino won’t be the only one to confront her feelings during this episode. Miku has directly confronted Ichika about how she feels towards Fuutarou. The bonfire dance situation has these two sisters in quite the predicament. Ichika is scheduled to dance with Fuutarou, but in truth it was Miku who agreed to all this. Deep down Miku would love to be the one to dance with him, however only one of them can hold his hand in the end. In order to confirm things going forward, Ichika will be having another heart to heart with Fuutarou. These two birds were able to hit it off once again, although they’ve found themselves trapped after all was said and done. Looks like Fuutarou will getting a private night just with Ichika, though let’s hope they can brave the cold together. Anyhow, ready to test your nerves? Enjoy the test of courage!





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He’s trapped, but not alone. Join us for a session just for 2 next time!

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