Yakusoku no Neverland T.V. Media Review Episode 10

Appearances may be deceiving.

Norman’s end has finally come. There’s no running or hiding to be had. He’ll be leaving everything behind in the hands of Emma and Ray. Still, Emma won’t let him go so easily. Even up till his last moments within the house, she’ll do anything to keep him there. Fortunately, Norman will not jeopardize the plan or their lives. He will proudly accept whatever fate awaits him at the gate. Unfortunately, losing Norman has broken Emma and Ray. The trio that was always together is missing what kept them together. Additionally, they have given up on escaping, and the days are just flying by without a care in the world. Mama believes she’s won at this point, yet something just isn’t quite right. Ray’s final night within the house has arrived, though he’s begun singing a new tune. Along from the shadows, Emma has come out with a smile, too.

More than a months time has pass since Norman departed. During that time it appeared that Emma and Ray truly had given up. However, looks truly can be deceiving. They will not let Norman’s death be in vain. Those days have been going to good use, but we’ll have to wait to see what went down. It’ll be a rush to the finish from this point forward, so look forward to it. Anyhow, the climax of season 1 is quickly approaching. Enjoy Norman’s final smile!





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Escaping was never off the table. Let’s all bare witness to the renewed plan next Thursday!

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