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Date A Live III T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

It’s a brand new world!

Shido’s quick thinking has led him to a unfamiliar future. A day that wasn’t possible in the old timeline is where he awakens. However, this new timeline has a few differences. Origami is no where to be found at first. Accepting Origami was able to live out a happy childhood put Shido at ease, though it also made him very sad. A piece of him was no longer apart of history. Regardless, Origami was still out there, and he’ll soon learn what she was up to. Their fated reunion will come in the form of being a transfer student. Seeing her once more filled him with joy, yet this isn’t the Origami he knows. Within this timeline she’s known as the Devil. Known only for showing up to fight other Spirits, Shido was quick to confront this long haired beauty. On the outside this new Origami checked out. She wasn’t the same as the old one, although her newfound kindness could not be mistaken for anything else. Her words only dripped with truth. Nevertheless, Shido would soon witness another side of this Origami. Beneath her surface the Origami of old remained. Seeing Kurumi with Shido has brought forth Satan. In spite of this, Satan will only be there for a moment. Once Kurumi was gone, Origami was none the wiser of what took place.

There are a number of changes that should be noted going forward. The old timeline is gone completely, so please remember the following:

  • Shido has no recollection of events that took place prior to his awaken within this timeline
  • Origami still joined the AST, but not out of revenge
  • Her attitude towards Spirits are similar to that of an avenger
  • Becoming an avenger began when she saw shido sacrifice himself for her parents
  • Origami’s parents were killed in a car crash in this timeline
  • At some point Origami once again became a Spirit
  • This new Origami is unaware that she is a Spirit
  • When Origami senses a Spirit, she automatically assumes her Inverse Form
  • Her Inverse Form appears to have retained her deep hatred for Spirits
  • Shido and Kurumi are the only two that remember the old timeline
  • Aside from the above, history has remained largely the same.

Hopefully that covers the majority of changes in this new timeline. There’s more than meets the eye about this new Origami. We’ll be getting to know a bit more about her next time, but in a fashion we’ve come to love. A date is on the horizon for Shido and Origami. Anyhow, it’s time to meet the new transfer student. Enjoy the long hair while it lasts!





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