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Beatless Blu-ray Media Review Episode 22

by Yumiko

Saved by the bell!

Lacia’s battle against Methode will be put on hold. There’s more players than anticipated for the final showdown. The fallen Snowdrop and the advancing Koukas must be dealt with first. After completing 3 of Ryou’s orders, then she may go back for Lacia last. In the meantime, Lacia would like to make use of a certain Red Box. This particular Red Box was created by Arato’s father and Higgins. Combining their research they created Eliza. Eliza is an hIE capable of controlling a million people, but her time to shine never came. She was thought to be destroyed in a failed assassination attempt. However, she remained confined within Higgins’ facility. She’s no longer connected to a network, yet a message awaited our duo. An explanation to how this all began has been given. Higgins took a major gamble, although one that just may payoff. It was Higgins that released his 5 daughters out into the world.

Is a better future truly possible? Higgins predicted his destruction within the next 20 years. In order to avert this, and bring about about a brighter future, it unleashed 5 Red Boxes. Each of his daughters were sent out to preform a role, though he could not predict for certain the outcome. Now, this gamble did end up paying off. Change certainly will come about due to his daughters. The relationship Arato and Lacia have developed is something this world has never seen. A single owner and a Super AI now stand as one, still their work isn’t over yet. No future can be secured without ending the battles ahead. Anyhow, everything is finally in place. Enjoy the acquisition of definitely not Lacia!





Click here for the WebM album.


The final encounters are coming! We’re not all going to make it out of this one, though.

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