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Boogiepop wa Warawanai T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

Fear is good!

Nagi’s life saving miracle has come at a high cost. Scarecrow left behind a single vial of the drug, and that vial has fallen into the hands of Makiko. This psychologist was quick to put said drug to testing, though what she found changed everything. Forced evolution has gifted her the power of regeneration, but that’s not the only thing she got. A deep desire to taste the fear of others has developed within her. Being a member of the medical field, she’ll be using her knowledge to get the most out of her victims. However, racking up 4 kills has begun to leave too much evidence. Makiko must now change up her ways, or risk being caught.

Makiko’s path of destruction hasn’t gone unnoticed. She assumes that eventually the creators of the drug will catch wind of her, but she’ll be visited by another entity first. During her work, she had a most interesting patient come in. This individual’s mother claimed her daughter was suffering from dissociative identity disorder. However, Touka isn’t suffering from anything. Boogiepop has come to pay Makiko a special visit. She has been informed that she’s a danger to the world, and those that are a danger will be eliminated. Now, Makiko truly is playing with borrowed time here. That immortality she has come to love just may be her undoing. Anyhow, the rise of the antagonist has been established. Enjoy the women who devours fear!





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We’re half way through the arc, but there’s still plenty more to come. So, be sure to check back in next Sunday for more Boogiepop!

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