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Sword Art Online: Alicization T.V. Media Review Episode 21

by Yumiko

Wake up, Eugeo!

A clash of swords between friends has begun, though this isn’t one where a clear victor will be met. Kirito only has one goal upon the 99th floor. He must convince Eugeo that he is being controlled by the Administrator. Luckily, Kirito’s words were able to reach him, yet Eugeo will be putting their fight on freeze. Leaving behind Alice and Kirito, Eugeo returns to the 100th floor with his sense of self. However, the Administrator hasn’t realized this fact. Getting in as close as possible, he attempts to assassinate her. Unfortunately, Cardinal’s dagger won’t be able to touch her skin. He’ll be needing a lot more than that to defeat her. Meanwhile, Chudelkin went down below to finish off the frozen duo. Sadly for Chudelkin, they won’t be held in place for long. Eugeo’s only intention there was to make up for his mistake, although his friends won’t let him do this alone. Alice and Kirito have joined him at the top. Still, they have one more opponent to go through before touching Quinella. Chudelkin has pledged his life for a single night with the Administrator. The heat has finally been brought to the 100th floor.

It has been many years, but the trio is finally back together. There will be no more swapping sides pass this point. Regardless, the hardest part of the adventure is just about to begin. Upon the 100th floor the final boss of humanity will soon be engaged upon. Now, remember Quinella is no mere pushover. There’s a reason she has remained at the top for so long. Not everyone is going to get out of this battle unscathed. Anyhow, we’ve still got one more before touching the Administrator. Enjoy the reunion!


OP: The opening has received some changes. If you really look into what’s shown, well it could spoil the end.



Episode 21:




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It’ll be one long battle from here til the end. Keep checking back in to see who rises or falls here at, Anime Solution!

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