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Yakusoku no Neverland T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

Time’s up!

Norman’s shipment date will give our trio little time to plan. Tomorrow will be his final day among his siblings, though that doesn’t mean they’ve given up hope. Emma and Ray will think of every possible way to save Norman’s life. Any obstacle that may get in their way, they will get through it together. The new plan going forward was to fake an escape, then have Norman hide until Emma’s leg healed. Unfortunately, even after giving their all there will be no way for Norman to escape. Atop the wall lies one more barrier to prevent the children from leaving. They’ll have to cross a cliff if they ever want to get out of Grace Field.

Norman has accepted this fate. There’s no longer enough time to plan a way to get across that cliff. However, this wasn’t the only thing Norman found. Before attempting his fake escape, he found the gift left behind from Sister Krone. Everything she left for the children will be revealed next time. Moreover, Ray has revealed how he knew everything from the start. Turns out, he’s quite the rare individual. While most people forget their early childhood memories, he has retained fragments of it. There were a number of things that didn’t line up with the lies he was being fed. Now, Ray’s excellent memory can be accredited to another individual, although that connection won’t be revealed until the end. Anyhow, shipment day is coming. Enjoy your final night, Norman!



ED: Slight change up in the ending this week.




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Not everyone was destined to make it. Tune back in next week to see Norman off.

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