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Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation Blu-ray Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

Let’s flip their world upside down.

While the Goddesses play their days away, Magiquone and her underlings have been hard at work. Contained within each region of Gamindustri, a special type of crystal has been collected. These Anti-Crystals will be used to unleash Magiquone’s sinister plan. However, first she’ll have to bait the Goddesses out. A sudden monster attack will do just the trick, and they will be none the wiser what truly awaits them. Unleashing the Anti-Crystals upon them has severed their links with their Share Crystals. Without their source of power these Goddesses will be slowly drained of their Shares until nothing remains. If all goes according to Magiquone’s plan, then conquest of all of Gamindustri shall be hers.

Episodes 1 and 2 mainly had Magiquone working in the shadows. Her forth coming and plan may seem sudden, but that’s just how the anime handles it. She’s hellbent upon ruling all of Gamindustri, and she’ll stop at nothing until she see her goal through. Moreover, the sudden monster attack just didn’t feel right with Nepgear. Her gut feeling and IF’s investigation had them both chasing after the Goddesses to make sure nothing was up. Unfortunately, by the time they arrived each Goddess was already being bond and drained. There’s little Nepgear can do in this situation, yet she won’t truly leave her sister behind. She’ll be back stronger than ever next time. Anyhow, the world has seen the power of Magiquone on this day. Enjoy the public Goddess displays!







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Things are not looking so good for these 4 Goddesses, but surely this won’t be their end. Stick around for a daring rescue operation next time!

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