Gotoubun no Hanayome T.V. Media Review Episode 9

Ready for the trip?

There’s no studying where they’re going. The school trip is right around the corner, but a sudden emergency might keep Fuutarou from attending. Raiha has come down with a sudden cold, and her beloved big brother won’t leave her side until she’s better. Fortunately, a good night’s rest is all she needed, although there’s no way he’ll make it in time to catch the bus. Meanwhile, Itsuki has been informed that she’ll have to take over Fuutarou’s duties if he doesn’t make it. Taking over the test of courage isn’t an option for her. As such, the quintuplets have personally come to pick up Fuutarou. Driving in style to the school trip will unfortunately not last long. A sudden snow storm has forced them to take refuge inside an inn. Additionally, this inn is all booked up, so everyone will have to share one room. Fuutarou has nothing but excitement on his mind, yet some of the girls fear what could happen here. Sharing a room with a boy could lead to many sticky situations, though they’ll have nothing to fear. In fact, Fuutarou should be the one to keep an eye out. He’ll be surrounded by 5 beauties all night long.

Before taking off for the school trip, a boy from Ichika’s class attempted to ask her to dance with him during the bonfire. However, that was no Ichika, it was Miku filling in for her sister. Now, this sudden proposal pushed Miku into an awkward position. In order to let this boy down easily, “ Ichika” has claimed she’s already been asked to dance with another. Fuutarou will be the lucky boy going forward, yet will things truly go according to plan here? Moreover, this bonfire dance has quite the legend behind it. According to Yotsuba, any couple that dances beneath these fires are destined to be with one another. Sounds like this could cause quite some tension moving forward. Anyhow, we’ve got a lot ground to cover during this 3 day trip. Enjoy a night with the quintuplets!





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This school trip really gets started next time. Prepare yourselves for the test of courage!

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