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Manaria Friends T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Beach time!

A break from those long school days has come, though there is a bit of a problem. Anne is feeling embarrassed about her lack of ability. Naturally she excels in just about everything, but swimming is a whole other matter. Fortunately, Grea is quite the instructor when it comes to swimming. She’ll also have a private one on one with Anne to show her the ropes. Still, Anne will be trying her hardest not to get into the water. Her fears will be put to rest once Grea takes her hand. There’s no need to fear the water with a friend nearby.

This will probably be our most service heavy episode, well unless we get an onsen episode. If we get one of those, then we could be looking at some real tail action. Regardless, this is a beach episode other shows should take notes from. The entire episode actually happened on the beach. I know quite a few shows that regulate the beach time to 5 minutes or even a few stills. As such, you’ve done an excellent job here, CygamesPictures. Anyhow, ready to learn how to float? Enjoy the beach with a touch of magic!





End Card:




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Down for a round of tag? Join us for a game of friendship next time!

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Jesus Albert
Jesus Albert (@guest_3179)
5 years ago