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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 73

by Yumiko

Long time, no see.

The royal knights selection test is about to kick off, however there’s been an expected arrival. An individual masquerading as the Vice Captain of the Purple Orcas is here to stir the pot. He’s not quite like the other magical knights. He has no love for the Wizard King, nor any respect for what the magical knights stand for. Now, Julius knows who this individual is, but he’ll allow him to participate even under his guise. Unfortunately, this comes as bad news to Asta. This individual with a bad attitude will be on his team during the test. They’re already off to a rough start, though maybe upon the battlefield he can prove his worth. Well, one can only hope for Asta and Mimosa’s sake.

Moving forward we’ll be treated to a series of team battles. These teams will be composed of 3 members, and their goal is the destruction of the enemy team’s crystal. If a crystal isn’t broken within 30 minutes, then the team with the most damage inflicted upon it will determine the winner. Additionally, winning or losing here will not count against participants. This test is to see how well each knight works as a team. The raid upon the Eye of Midnight Sun will compose several groups. These groups will need to work together if they hope to bring them down. Moreover, this tournament will handle a number of personal conflicts. One of these being our mysterious individual’s grudge against the magical knights, and the other being beef between siblings. So, expect these fights to get quite heated at some points. The end results just might surprise you. Anyhow, Asta’s team is up first. Enjoy the cooperation while it last!





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The first round of the test begins next time. Check back in this coming Tuesday to see the teamwork at play!

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