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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken T.V. Media Review Episode 22

by Yumiko

Time is ticking!

They’ve made it to the entrance, but a labyrinth now stands before them. Fortunately, passage will be on the safe side thanks to Rimuru. Making it to the end of this maze will be met with another challenge, though Rimuru will make quick work of the Guardian’s golem. There’s no trick that can get pass this slime, and his keen eyes has forced said Guardian out of her hiding place. A fairy has appeared, but she’s not any ordinary fairy. She’s Ramiris of the Labyrinth, one of the 10 Demon Lords. Now, this is a bit hard to believe, yet there’s a lot more to this fairy. She’s also the Guide of Saints, the fallen Queen of Spirits, and a bit of a jokester. Nevertheless, she’ll hear out why Rimuru has come all this way. Once everything was in the clear, she happily led their group to the Dwelling of Spirits. Still, summoning superior spirits will take a bit of luck. These spirits have wills of their own. Consequently, if no spirit is willing to answer their call, they may also make a superior spirit. This is all within Rimuru’s capabilities, although there’s no telling what awaits them once they step forward.

Fulfillment of Shizue’s dying wish is almost there. Episode 23 will be the stopping point for the main story, though there’s still 2 more after that. Moreover, throughout the talking with Ramiris, we learned something about Demon Lord Leon. Turns on, he was once a hero, however he too fell from grace. The circumstances around this aren’t explained, but keep this in mind if we get a season 2. There just might be more to this Leon character than just Shizue’s tormentor. Anyhow, we’ve still got 5 lives on the line. Enjoy Ramiris’s one punch maneuvers!





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Just one more in the arc to go. Check back in next week for the results!

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