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Boogiepop wa Warawanai T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

So, how’d you get your name?

Our newest arc is starting off a little different than normal. Boogiepop will be telling us a tale that has already happened. This story takes place before Boogiepop and Nagi became the individuals we’ve come to know. Nevertheless, learning where these characters started is just as important. No one starts as a legend without some backstory.

The vehicle that will take us threw this episode is an agent of the Towa Organization. His public appearance is that of a detective, but his main job as a synthetic human is to hunt MPLS. However, a surprise visit has gifted him a new assignment. He is to investigate a possible traitor within the organization. Teratsuki is the individual he will be investigating, but nothing comes up. Everything is as clean as can be, although during all this he ran into a rather unique individual. An individual that would change his and her life.

During this period, Nagi was hospitalized due to an unknown sickness. From time to time she experienced a pain that not even words could describe. Fortunately, her hospitalization allowed her to encounter Kurodo. Curious about Kurodo’s capability as a detective, she challenges him to investigate her. Much to Nagi’s surprise, he finds out everything about her. Spurred by Kurodo’s abilities, Nagi asked one more thing of him. If he could be anything other than a detective, what would he be? A superhero is what Nagi believed would fit him best, and he too agrees it would be fulfilling. Unfortunately, during this conversation Nagi’s affliction began to act up. It was at this point Kurodo found out what was killing her. She was one of the evolved beings he was on the look out for. Now, in in a strange twist of fate, Kurodo won’t be turning in Nagi to the Towa Organization. Instead he will be betraying them to save Nagi’s life. He will become the superhero she dreams of, yet at the cost of his own life.

The death of Scarecrow, or as the public knows him as, Kurodo, brought about three important things. First, he saved Nagi’s life. Her evolution was quite literally killing her, and there was only one way he knew of saving her. The Towa Organization created a drug that could induce forced evolution in humans, but it could also do the opposite. Stealing this drug marked him as a target for assassination, though consequently he released said drug into another set of hands. We’ll be seeing what this drug can do in the wrong hands next time. Lastly, upon his death he believed a reaper had popped out to send him off. This reaper was none other than Boogiepop, well before it got its name. These two may have only talked briefly, yet during that exchange the name Boogiepop begun to form. Anyhow, this arc is only just getting started. Enjoy the 2nd chance at life, Nagi!





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We may not finish in time, but we’ll get there eventually. Join us each Sunday until these mysteries are solved!

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