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Sword Art Online: Alicization T.V. Media Review Episode 20

by Yumiko

Where’s Eugeo?

Alice and Kirito have finally made it to the 95th floor, however before they go any further Kirito’s partner in crime must be found. A simple spell will lead them downwards to Eugeo’s sword, though that’s not all they found. Bercouli still stands in his petrified state ready to be reprocessed. Feeling an all too familiar presence, Bercouli has temporarily broken free. Seeing Alice has made him very proud. She has done something he could never do. Additionally, he has informed them of what transpired while they were away. Chudelkin has taken Eugeo to be used by the Administrator. The journey ahead will have them climb floors no Integrity Knight has ever seen. It is upon these floors Quinella hides away the senate that controls humanity. Members of this senate have no will of their own, they are just mere slaves to keep humanity under Quinella’s control. Still, one senator does roam freely. Chudelkin will be toying with our duo until number 32 is finished. Leading them right below Quinella’s chambers, he has finally appeared. Eugeo is back, although he’s no longer the kindhearted companion Kirito was looking for. Eugeo Synthesis Thirty-Two has come to put an end to their climb.

Episode 20 was the final piece of set up that will lead us to a shocking end. Moving forward one should expect to see action, blood, heartbreak, anger, and loss. There’s a lot to be covered in these next 4 episodes, so look forward to it. Moreover, keep in mind things are happening in the real world. That cruiser will come back up sooner or later. Anyhow, a fated battle between friends is about to go down. Enjoy every minute with Eugeo!





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There’s no more playing around pass this point. Join us for 4 more action packed episodes here at, Anime Solution!

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