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Date A Live III T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

You look up into the sky and you see…

A dance between the Angel and Nightmare won’t be going down during their confrontation. Origami wishes to use Kurumi’s power to travel back in time. Saving her parents just might be possible with her new found Spirit power, though only if Kurumi is willing to use her 12th bullet. Now, normally such a request would be turned down, but Kurumi is very curious what results this will bring about. She herself has never used her final bullet, although a test subject could prove useful. Flung into the past, Origami opens her eyes to an all too familiar scene. Unfortunately, this Angel’s hopefully outcome would soon turn into a nightmare. Upon seeing the one she believed to be the killer of her parents, she engaged without hesitation. Phantom was at first confused, yet was quick to grasp what was truly going on. Nevertheless, as her name suggests, Phantom was untouchable. This fact won’t stop Origami from going all out, and she refuses to halt until Phantom flees. After Phantom had fled, Origami looked down in horror, yet at the same time someone else was looking up to her in horror. It was at this moment Origami realized everything. That supposed angel that slew her parents was none other than herself.

Origami’s tragic tale doesn’t quite end there. Broken and defeated, she would eventually return to the present. However, the angelic bride was no where to be found. A devil had descended upon Tengu City, and there appears to be no hope of stopping her. Unlike the previous Inverse Spirit they’ve dealt with, Origami was completely gone. Shido and the other Spirits do attempt a defense, nevertheless this future is lost. With the city lying in ruins, Kurumi has returned to snatch Shido away. Realizing there’s no hope of stopping Origami, she has struck Shido with the same bullet she had previously hit Origami with. Hope for a brighter future has now been thrown upon Shido, yet can this future truly be averted?

Moving forward expect some timeline shenanigans to be taking place. Things are not going to be quite the same once this arc is over. Regardless, Shido has been entrusted with a great responsibility. If he does not prevent Origami’s meltdown, then the future outcome will be repeated. Let’s hope her parents can survive on this 3rd take. Anyhow, the light has begun to fade. Enjoy Satan’s arrival!





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