Gotoubun no Hanayome T.V. Media Review Episode 8

Collection time!

Ichika has declared a challenge upon Fuutarou. He is required to collect the contact information from each sister, or have an embarrassing photo of him released. Getting their info went over rather well, though Nino did play hard to get. She’s willing to exchange information, but only to keep an eye on everyone. Unfortunately, Fuutarou left behind his student handbook with her. Contained with this book is a photo he really doesn’t want anyone to see. He’ll be sure to get it back from her as soon as possible, yet Nino isn’t handing it over so fast. After a bit of acting, he was able to secure it, then dropped it. An old picture of Fuutarou has been exposed, however Nino doesn’t recognize the bad boy in the picture. She’s fallen for the Fuutarou of old, fortunately she didn’t see the whole picture. When Fuutarou’s photo is unfolded an all too familiar face is exposed.

Looks like we’ve got a childhood friend thrown into the mix now. Fuutarou met one of the quintuplets years ago, yet he no longer recognizes the girl in the photo. Those quintuplets have done quite a bit of growing, after all. Likewise, one of the sisters knows Fuutarou, but they have seemingly forgotten. Moreover, the spotlight of this episode has to go to Yotsuba. She has proven herself on two fronts during this one. First, she was able to make Fuutarou’s heart skip a beat. It may have been just an act, but Yotsuba gave quite the false confession. Turns out, she can lie if she really wants to. Additionally, Fuutarou got to witness firsthand where Yotsuba’s loyalties lie. Is she doing her best to skip out on studying, or is she fully committed? Well, there no questioning after what he witnessed. Yotsuba is in it for the long haul.

Moving forward we’re going to be heading into the school trip arc. Now, with that said we’ve only got 4 more episodes to go. Things are already starting to move a bit fast, and I expect them to go even faster as we get to the end. These last 2 episodes didn’t even feature the ending sequence to squeeze in as much content as possible. Hopefully nothing too important gets cut out along the way, but I’ll be on the look out for it. Anyhow, prepare for a test of courage. Enjoy Miku’s croquettes!





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Ready to begin our final arc? Join us next week for the start of the school trip!

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