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Yakusoku no Neverland T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Playtime is over.

Mama has been patiently watching the situation from the shadows, however her time to act has come. She’ll be restoring her loving home back into its rightful state. Sister Krone’s letter was the first step in this process. She has been recalled back to headquarters for a supposed promotion. Awaiting her at the gate is the one called Grandmother. The overseer of all the Mamas wasn’t too pleased with Krone’s meddling. Even if Isabella’s children found out the truth, she can handle the situation. Isabella is raising a special crop of children, and she is not to be messed with. Krone’s gamble to interfere with Isabella will also come with a price, her life.

Restoring her home also calls for dealing with the 5 eldest who know the truth. Mama has known for a while that Ray has been feeding her lies, though she let it slide. However, his usefulness has come to an end. She has cut him loose at the worse possible time, too. While Ray is locked away, Mama will be going for a direct confrontation. An operation to inspect what lies over the walls is underway. Emma and Norman will be given no warning, although they believe the situation can still be handled. Mama is willing to talk plainly to them. They can go back to their happy sugar lives, or things can be done the hard way. Knowing what is to come for them in just a few months, they’ve chosen to push back. Unfortunately, this would be their biggest mistake. Mama has in turn snapped Emma’s leg and told Norman he’s next on the list. Regardless, Mama will still care for all her children until their shipment date. They are her precious cattle, after all.

The escape plan may appear to be up in smokes, yet there’s one detail here that should not be overlooked. During Krone’s training to become a Mama, she found a pen. The details of this pen haven’t been disclosed, although it was of great importance. Before departing Isabella’s loving home, she left this pen behind for the children. Krone knew what was to come for her, however she has entrusted the future to the children. Let’s hope they can carry out a dead woman’s dying wish. Anyhow, we’ve got weeks of healing to come before making another move. Enjoy Mama’s return to the spotlight!





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Has all hope been lost? Tune back in next Thursday to see if any sparks remain.

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