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Tachibanakan to Lie Angle Blu-ray Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

I’m seeing lots of changes!

You won’t have to scroll down far before seeing something new this time around. Hanabi’s cold has her showing a little bit more than normal, though she won’t be the only one. Iori will be showing off her goods in hopes of making Hanabi feel better. Unfortunately, she’s dragged away before things could go any further. Everyone except for Sonoa has got errands to run. During that time Sonoa promises to keep an eye on Hanabi. It’s just a cold, so what could go wrong? Well, Hanabi’s vision wasn’t quite up to par, and she’s gotten into quite the situation with Sonoa. Best keep those eyes peeled next time, Sonoa.

The conclusion of this review means there’s only one more to go with major changes. Episode 10’s onsen scenes will be a lot better this time around. Nevertheless, I’ll still do episodes 11 and 12 for completionist sake. It wouldn’t be an ending without some fireworks. Anyhow, 3 sets of new scenes await. Enjoy the exposure!





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Our last big set of changes comes next time. In the meantime continue to look forward to other blu-ray reviews here at, Anime Solution!

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