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Dog Days Blu-ray Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

This day couldn’t last forever.

Gaul’s rash decision to kidnap Millhiore isn’t kind news to his sister’s ears. What Gaul had done was a sign of great disrespect, and Leo will set things right. She’ll be personally putting an end to everyone’s fight. Even if they are an enemy nations, it is wrong to disrupt a victor’s celebration. Unfortunately, Gaul had no clue that Millhiore was set to preform a live concert. Once everything had been cleared up, he was quick to apologize. Still, getting Millhiore back in time seemed impossible. Only 20 minutes remained before her time was up, though Cinque knows of a way. He may have only lived within this world for a single day, but he learned much. Using every ounce of life power at his disposal, he’ll ensure that Millhiore makes it back with time to spare. The concert is still on!

Talk about one long and strange day for Cinque. These pass 5 episodes have all been a single day within Flonyard, yet it wasn’t all bad. Cinque got to experience things he never quite dreamed of. Hopefully his remaining days there can be just as exciting. Moreover, for quite some now, Leo has been foreshadowing something behind the scenes. Her increased pressure to commit to these war games isn’t without reason, though we’ll have to get to the bottom of that another time. Anyhow, it’s a mad dash back to Biscotti for us. Enjoy Millhiore’s live performance!





If you’re interested in hearing Millhiore’s performance, then click here.


Click here for the WebM album.


The longest day is finally over, but we’ve still got more to come. So,be on the look out for more here at, Anime Solution!

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Yumiko (@guest_3187)
5 years ago

Thank you. It’s always good to hear feedback from you.

Justin Ohara
Justin Ohara (@guest_3186)
5 years ago

Awesome review