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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 72

by Yumiko

Take it to the top!

Asta’s struggle to overcome the challenge at hand will have him looking within. Muscles can only get him so far, but he does have a unique power of his own. This is a power that freely flows throughout his body, yet bringing it forth will require him to balance it all out. Once he can do that, then Black Asta can be unleashed. However, control of this power is still questionable at best. Climbing the volcano has been taken care of in one go, although he’ll be coming in with a crash. Moreover, once everyone had made it to the top, it was time for the long awaited reward. An onsen that only pops up at night has appeared before our knights. Finally some rest and relaxation, though don’t forget the typical hot spring shenanigans.

The biggest take away from today’s episode was Asta learning how to use the power within himself. He’ll need to put a lot more practice into this transformation, though. Once mastery is obtained, then we’re in for some incredible fights to come. Additionally, as one should of expected this episode is highly censored. Funnily enough the source material shows just about everything, but this is a televised broadcast aimed at children. Hopefully once this episode is released on blu-ray the heavy fog can be rolled out. If there are changes, I might come back to this episode at a later date for a 2nd review. Nevertheless, ready to peep? Enjoy this final moment of relaxation!



Petit Clover:




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Ready for the royal knights tournament? We begin with a new face next time!

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