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Sword Art Online: Alicization T.V. Media Review Episode 19

by Yumiko

Gain one, lose one.

While waiting for the night to pass, Kirito let a detail about Alice’s past slip out. The name Selka triggered something within her, and she wants to hear it all. Everything about her past-self has finally been revealed to her. Kirito’s words are not easily taken in, but after everything Alice has recently gone through things are just not quite adding up. The Administrator truly has played all the Integrity Knights for fools. After coming to terms with the reality of the situation, Alice was ready to denounce the Axiom Church. Unfortunately, before she could finish her statement the seal on her right eye activated. Her creators attempted to force her back into place, yet she will overcome this mere seal. Alice has done something only one other has done in the history of Underworld. Those gods no longer hold any sway over her.

While all of the above was taking place, Eugeo found himself right before Quinella’s bed. He had finally reached the top, though not exactly how he pictured it. Now, taking out the Administrator right there and then crossed his mind, but he hesitated. That single moment gave Quinella all the time she needed. Awaking from her deep slumber, she was quick to poison Eugeo’s mind. He was forced to see things that were impossible, yet he bought into it all. Once Quinella had grabbed his heart, there was no turning back. The only one to ever love him was Quinella, and now all he needs to do is follow her words. Well, there was no room for hesitation any longer. Eugeo’s mind and body now belonged to the Administrator. Anyhow, the end game soon approaches. Enjoy the changes in heart!





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The rise of a new knight is at hand. Join us for his awakening next Saturday!

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