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Date A Live III T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Do you desire power?

Origami believed she finally had it all. Backed by DEM’s technology the Spirits would fall before her. However, when pushed to her limits, Tohka has called back more than just a portion of her power. She’ll be taking everything back in order to bring Origami down. Fortunately for Origami, her fall would present her with a power she never thought possible. A voice has called out to her, and she has answered its call in exchange for power. After claiming the mysterious crystal, Origami has become the thing she hates most. Now, she may be a Spirit, yet nothing has changed. Her goal of killing all Spirits continues. A clash between the bride and princess won’t go on for long, though. The one thing Origami dreaded has found its way to the battlefield. Shido’s presence has forced her to flee the scene.

There’s a couple big things to go over during this one. First, you’re just going to have to accept that a crystal with Spirit powers suddenly appeared for Origami. I know it feels like it comes out of no where, but everything does get properly explained later on. Well, some key details may not make it into the anime. Best hope for a season 4 to really get the whole picture here. Regardless, Origami’s rise to power is about to complete a circle. Now would be an excellent time to remember all the words she has ever uttered about her parents death. There’s some true irony on its way. Moreover, Origami has approached the Spirit of Time. Kurumi has finally made her appearance this season, although the matter she will be dealing with will be taking us quite back. Anyhow, the final bullet awaits. Enjoy the crowned bride!





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Prepare a note sheet, things are about to get crazy. Join us for an unexpected travel next Friday!

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