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Akatsuki no Yona Blu-ray Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Just where do you think you’re going?

Hak is prepared to give it all up. A life on the run would be a harsh one, but it would assure that Yona could live out her life peacefully. The Wind Tribe will happily accept her as family, though Yona does not wish to be left behind. She wants to be with Hak at all costs. Even if the journey ahead offers no comfort, she will stay with Hak til the end. Unfortunately, they won’t be getting far before trouble finds them. The Fire Tribe has spotted a red head heading into the mountains, and that could only be one person. Tae-jun was quick to answer to this news. A chance to make Yona his was still possible, however he’ll have to get through Hak first.

The battle between Tae-jun’s forces and Hak are left on a cliffhanger here. As impressive as Hak is, well he might be in a bit of trouble for once. After taking an arrow for Yona, he has found himself poisoned. Fortunately, Yona won’t sit idle while Hak does it all this time. She will directly confront Tae-jun, and she’s shown him the eyes of a princess on fire. There’s no telling what’s she capable of, but she will not cower while her knight fights for her. Moreover, Hak and Yona’s adventure into these mountains isn’t without purpose. They are unsure where to go next, although the advice of a legendary priest just might show them the way. Finding him will be a problem, though. He has purposely exiled himself to get as far away as possible from people. Anyhow, Su-won’s crowning will soon be at hand. Enjoy life on the road, Yona!





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It’s a life on the run for us. Check back hopefully soon for more Yona!

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