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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 71

by Yumiko

We’re going where?!

Mereoleona can not believe the current state of her brother’s knights. She did not return to the capital to lead a 5th rate squad. In the entire history of the Crimson Lion Kings, they have only known 1st and 2nd place. Yet, it would appear since Fuegoleon’s absence things have changed. These proud lions have begun to lose their way, but Mereoleona will whip them right back into shape. A training session to an onsen is declared, though it won’t be that easy. Additionally, she’ll be bringing along a few extras outside her squad. Those that were curiously looking in on the situation, and that those skipped out on their duty will be joining the fray. Once Mereoleona has her paws on you, there’s no getting away. Now, reaching that onsen is where everyone will be proving themselves. At the top of a volcano an onsen like no other awaits, although this is no ordinary volcano. Beneath these grounds is a large deposit of mana. As one can image, it will take everything and a bit more to reach this summit.

Mereoleona may come off slightly harsh, but she truly means well. Dragging along the top rookies and two captains wasn’t without purpose. She wishes for her squad to see what the best are capable of. Moreover, this grand magic zone does pose a threat to two of our tagalongs. Asta and Noelle were at first unsure if they could even do this. His lack of mana protection and her lack of mana control made this seem impossible. However, Mereoleona will be giving them both some encouraging words. Now it’s just a race to see who will make it to the top first. Anyhow, the best of Mereoleona has yet to come. Enjoy the undefeated lioness!





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We’re still going to the onsen, right? Join us for some skin-ship next Tuesday!

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