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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken T.V. Media Review Episode 20

by Yumiko

The time has come.

Peace and stability can finally be enjoyed within Tempest. Rimuru has done an excellent job of forming a home where all monsters can feel welcomed. However, there’s one last thing he needs to do. Shizue’s final regret has come knocking, though Rimuru will answer. Leaving behind Tempest for a time is a difficult decision, but he knows it will be left in capable hands. Embarking alone for the human Kingdom of Ingrassia, Rimuru sets out to find 5 of Shizue’s students. These children are in dire need of saving, although the situation is worse than expected. These are no ordinary children that Shizue was overseeing. Each of these children are summons forged by incredible powers. Those that participated in these summoned had hoped to bring forth a hero. Unfortunately, summoning a child happens in rare cases, and they expire quite quickly. All children who have been summoned only last at maximum 5 years due to their overwhelming powers. Regardless, Rimuru will take on these 5 summons. They have no one else to turn to, yet maybe this slime just might be able to save them. Well, if they don’t kill him first.

There’s a couple things to go over here and for the future. First, quite a lot of content has been skipped over. It’s understandable why this had to happen, but just note that things don’t quite happen like this in the source material. We’re running short on remaining episodes, after all. Speaking of remaining episodes, well this arc will only be given 3 more episodes. Episodes 24 and 25 will focus on other stories within their world. So, expect things to go quite fast going forward. I’m sure we’ll still get a satisfying conclusion, though. This show does not disappoint on that front. Anyhow, it’s time we put the Great Sage’s power to good use. Enjoy being a teacher, Rimuru!





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