Yakusoku no Neverland T.V. Media Review Episode 5

Let’s make a deal!

Ray’s status as Mama’s informant is out in the open. Regardless, this can be used to Norman’s advantage. In order to keep the escape plan from falling apart, he would like Ray to continue on as Mama’s spy, though work to benefit the children. Their safety will be guaranteed, and information will be fed to them, although Ray won’t be doing all this for free. In exchange for his part of the deal, he wants Norman to trick Emma. This escape plan can not work carrying around toddlers, after all. Moreover, Emma has been doing some spying of her own. Every day Mama suddenly vanishes around 8 P.M. She’s no where to be found, but a hidden room could explain where she is going. Access to this room is unknown, yet Emma has been able to pinpoint its location. Unfortunately, revealing this bit of information has Don on edge. That lie they fed to him just might be his undoing. Gilda and Don have gone to look for this hidden room, however someone has come knocking.

Norman and Ray’s talk revealed a great number of things. Ray has been working for Mama for several years. During that time he has kept everything in check, however the night Emma and Norman learned the truth wasn’t by accident. He has been planning this for quite some time, and he means to ensure that this escape goes off successfully. His life is on the line here, too. Additionally, Ray’s work under Mama has earned him many rewards. Getting those trackers off is a guarantee, well as long as Mama doesn’t catch on. Lastly, I know Ray is looking real selfish right now, but he has his reasons. We’ll be learning more about him as the show goes on. Just know that he truly is an ally in this escape plan. Anyhow, we’re still taking everyone, right? Enjoy the deception!





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