Gotoubun no Hanayome T.V. Media Review Episode 5

The secret is out!

Ichika can’t run anymore. Fuutarou has found her yet again, although she still won’t stay for the fireworks. Turns out, a once in life time chance has presented itself. This opportunity means so much to her, yet she doesn’t want to say anything to her siblings until it is finalized. Her scouting agent was able to land her an audition for a major role. Unfortunately, the time for the audition is now, and there’s no time to waste. Seeing the fireworks as 5 just won’t be possible this year. However, Fuutarou will ensure this night ends well for our quintuplets. Those fireworks Yotsuba bought for Raiha will be re-purposed. After waiting for Ichika to finish up her performance, they’re off to the park for a private fireworks display. As long as all 5 of them are together, their bond will remain as one.

Throughout this whole festival, Fuutarou encountered a problem he couldn’t quite solve. What is he to the Nakano sisters? Is he just their tutor, or something more? The lengths he went to suggests this is more than just tutoring. However, putting it into the right words continued to stump him. They’re not just simply friends, but partners. Hearing this word has got a few set of eyes checking him twice. There just might be some romance building up here. Anyhow, we’ll have to make up for this lack of studying later. Enjoy the end of the festival!





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The festival is over, but the fun will go on. Join us again next week for a new set of events!

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