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Beatless Blu-ray Media Review Episode 21

by Yumiko

Lights, camera, action!

The final descent has begun, though there’s some time before reaching Higgins. During that time, Lacia wishes to expose the world to Super AIs. A live broadcast to the world has been presented, and she’ll be explaining every little detail. It’s no secret that society has grown to fear these AIs, yet they should have little to fear once Lacia displays the truth before them. Unfortunately, the change Lacia is attempting to bring about isn’t welcomed by everyone. There are those that profit to highly from the status quo. Additionally, she still has to contend with her sisters due to their conflicting future plans. Methode is finally back up on her feet, and she’s coming in hot. We’ll have to cut the feed until this dangerous Red Box is dealt with.

Methode isn’t the only problem that Lacia will have to face moving forward. We’ve got Kouka clones on the move, and half a Snowdrop on the crawl. All our major players will be getting their final showdown within the underground facility, although don’t expect this one to be a happy ending for everyone. Moreover, since I’ve taken quite some time to get these reviews going again, we’ll be closing out with blu-ray media. Not what I had planned, but turning out the highest quality media is for the best. Also, don’t get your hopes up. That long break didn’t really change up the standard Beatless style. I’ll talk more at lengths about this in the final posting. Anyhow, ready to see the future of vacuum cleaning? Enjoy the predicted future!





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I can’t say for certain when the other 3 reviews will show up, but do keep an eye out for them. Nevertheless, join us for more each day here at, Anime Solution!

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