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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken T.V. Media Review Episode 18

by Yumiko

This humiliation will not stand!

Demon Lord Clayman has assigned his majin minions a very simple task. Resurrection of Charybdis is to be accelerated, and send the beast towards Milim’s direction. Now, normally Charybdis would require a number of corpses to be fully resurrected. However, they’ve found just one that will do the trick. Phobio’s recent run in with Milim makes him the perfect candidate to host Charybdis. He’s powerful, lacks a brain, and wants revenge against Milim, though he’ll need some sweet words poured into his ears first. Once the majins sold him on becoming a Demon Lord, it sealed the deal. Phobio’s revenge was at hand, although his lack of foresight just may cost him big time. Regardless, Charybdis now heads for Tempest.

Charybdis’s revival hasn’t gone unnoticed. The monsters of Tempest have been notified, and they don’t plan to run. This flying monstrosity will be met head on, yet we’ll have to wait till next time for the battle. I’m sure it’ll be another good one, so look forward to it. Moreover, we’re slowly but surely approaching the end. After this battle there should only be one more story arc. I hope we all remembered Rimuru’s promise to Shizu. Anyhow, we’ve got some flying sharks on the way. Enjoy the never ending problems, Rimuru!





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A battle to restore one’s pride begins next time. So, be sure to join us for the action this coming Monday!

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Yumiko (@guest_3215)
5 years ago

I’m really glad you brought this show to my attention all those weeks ago. This is without a doubt the biggest surprise I’ve had with anime in a while. i have not been disappointment with a single thing with this adaptation, and I hope there’s a lot more to come from it in the future.

Boner ReachSky
Boner ReachSky (@guest_3214)
5 years ago

nice review!! Didn’t expect that this anime would be still ongoing until now but it was really a great show.