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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 69

by Yumiko

In the name of love!

Asta, you’re taking a backseat this week. All eyes are on Charlotte, though you best not touch. Only a man of true worth can ever hope to stand beside her. Fortunately, such a man does exist within Charlotte’s world. This individual holds a special place in her heart. He was not only able to steal her heart away, but broke the curse said to bring ruin upon her household. Yami is the only man this battle hardened women will ever blush towards. However, Charlotte’s love is being challenged upon the festival grounds. Vanessa won’t let her beloved captain slip away that easy. She has issued the Blue Rose Captain a battle to settle this matter. A battle between magic won’t do here, though. In the spirit of the night, it’ll be a competition between two ladies proving their love. Unfortunately, things end in a tie, and one important detail slipped everyone’s mind. It’s time to begin the reward ceremony!

I’m unsure if they are trying to buy time, or they really enjoy animating festivals, but they are doing a great job at it. Episode 69 proved to be quite the comedic treat. They also managed to make this one look far superior than the previous two. So, soak in as much Charlotte as you can now. Her next big moment might not be as kind. Moreover, the moment we’ve all been waiting for will begin next week. Get ready for some unexpected achievements to be handed out. Anyhow, ready for the cosplay competition? Enjoy the drinks!


They forgot to draw something here.




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There’s more than just love to prove. Find out how much the Black Bulls have proved themselves next Tuesday!

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