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Boogiepop wa Warawanai T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Let’s investigate!

Seeking out the root of the problem is never easy, though someone has to do it. Two girls have been given difficult tasks, but they’re up to the challenge. First, Jin’s cousin, Kotoe, has reached out to Suema for help. Kotoe has noticed something just isn’t quite right about her cousin anymore, and she believes something dangerous is going on. Now, Suema is eager to take on this case once she hears blood is involved. Criminal psychology is her game, although the supernatural elemental really pulls her in. Her investigation into Jin showed her something that was truly abnormal. Jin’s been amassing a loyal following using his powers.

Our other girl sent out on an investigation is Orihata, or as the Towa Organization calls her, Camille. Her original goal as a synthetic human was to find out if she can reproduce with a normal human, however she’s now been given a new primary objective. After last week battle, Spooky E wants Boogiepop found at all costs. Forced to obey his commands, Orihata sets out to find the reaper of death only known from hushed rumors. Regardless, Orihata is having conflicted feelings about her current mission. Her relationship with Masaki has begun to change her, and she knows going up against Boogiepop is no easy feat. Upon the grounds where these rumors spread, she is confronted by our other lady on a mission. Suema pulls Orihata back from making an irreversible mistake, though what she was really looking for was reassurance. What Orihata must do isn’t simple, yet running away from the problem will solve nothing.

Episode 6 truthfully doesn’t have too much going on, nor do these pieces connect very well. However, as we’ve learned, this story is about showing you small bits before everything comes together. So, always remember to keep each detail in mind. It will all come back around eventually. Anyhow, the multiple hunts continue… Enjoy the growing rose buds!





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