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Sword Art Online: Alicization T.V. Media Review Episode 17

by Yumiko

Hey, want to hang out?

Alice and Kirito find themselves in quite the pickle this week. The sudden wall collapse has them hanging on for dare life. Fighting is out of the question for now, though a truce will ensure their survival. Working together is great and all, but Kirito will be doing the majority of the climbing here. Let’s just say Synthesis Thirty was not made for this situation. Regardless, this climb won’t come without its challenges. Upon nearing the 90th floor, they’ve encountered something that should not be. Soulless creatures from the Dark Territory have been found. These so called minions won’t stand a chance against this duo, still something isn’t right here. No living creature should be able to access the air space above the 13th floor. This disturbing fact has gotten Alice to think a little bit. There just might be some foul play going about within the upper reaches of the Axiom Church.

While Alice and Kirito continue to climb back up, Eugeo presses forward on his own. It has been more than 2 years since he has done something by himself, yet there’s no room for hesitation now. He knows his friends are fine, and he’ll meet them at the top. Unfortunately, there’s one more Integrity Knight to deal with. Upon the 90th floor a hero regarded only in legends has shown his face. Bercouli Synthesis One has returned to Centoria, though he’ll need to finish his bath before they get started. Anyhow, this climb will soon be over. Enjoy the truce while it last!





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We’ve still got a few more floors to go. Tune in next week for further developments!

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Dr.Dark.Flames (@guest_3218)
5 years ago

Her character will develop a lot more just wait.

Yumiko (@guest_3217)
5 years ago

I can’t deny she’s a great girl. A real cutey during this episode, too!

Dr.Dark.Flames (@guest_3216)
5 years ago

Alice best girl ❤