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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken T.V. Media Review Episode 17

by Yumiko

More guests?

The aftermath of the Orc Lord situation continues to pull many groups towards Tempest. However, our first group of visitors are bringing trouble. Demon Lord Carrion has sent several of his best subordinates to investigate Tempest. Their diplomacy may of not been the best, but things only spiraled out of control once Milim got involved. Talks between Tempest and Demon Lord Carrion will have to wait another day. Still, Phobio, the leader of this envoy will not soon forget Milim’s transgression. He’ll be back for his revenge. Moreover, the human Kingdoms of Blumund and Falmuth have set out to investigate Tempest. Determining if Rimuru is a threat or ally is of utmost importance to their futures. Seeing the town with their own eyes tell them enough, though Rimuru wishes to ensure a good relationship with humans. Knowledge of the Orc Lords defeat has yet to hit public ears, thus the story of who fell this mighty creature can be changed. In order to not seem like a monster with terrifying powers, Rimuru wishes for the Falmuth crew to take responsibility. The Orc Lord was defeated by human champions with the assistance of Rimuru, of course.

There’s quite a bit going on in this episode, but a few pieces should be given closer attention. First, Milim’s involvement with Tempest is drawing all sorts of dangers. As mentioned last week, the balance has been thrown off. Once Milim decided to stay in Tempest it was inevitable. Additionally, Demon Lord Carrion isn’t the only one fixing his eyes on Tempest. Demon Lord Clayman continues to plot behind the scenes. Rumor has it that an ancient monster will soon be revived. This monster in question has power that can rival a Demon Lord, and can be swayed. Charybdis just might be knocking on Tempest’s door soon. Anyhow, that’s enough visitations for today. Enjoy the spider legs!





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We’ll have some more action next time. Join us for the awakening this coming Monday!

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