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Boogiepop wa Warawanai T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

The chase continues!

This week we’re changing up our view points not once, but twice. Masaki Taniguchi and Shinjirou Anou will be our connections this time around. First, let’s focus upon Masaki. He is a recent transfer and the younger step-brother of Nagi. His sudden transfer puts him at odd with his peers, though he is quite popular with the ladies. Not everyone is happy with how much attention he is getting, and he quickly finds himself attacked by his classmates. However, during the attack there were two sets of interventions. A mysterious girl going by the name of Aya Orihata steps in out of the blue. She originally planned to please Masaki’s attackers, although he won’t allow that. Moreover, during all this, Jin was on the prowl to test out his new found power. Within an alleyway his first targets were found. Masaki and Aya were allowed to flee while Jin handled the situation. That day would be a turning point in Masaki’s life. Meeting Aya introduced love to his life, yet it introduced jealousy to another.

Masaki’s transfer was a blessing and curse to Anou. Anou experienced feelings he could not quite explain when looking upon Masaki. It was love, but it quickly turned to jealousy once he saw Masaki and Aya together. Stalking became his new game, although following around the mysterious Aya changed his world forever. Outside Aya’s home, Anou was caught by Spooky E. From that moment froward the Anou of old was deleted. He was now a puppet of the Towa Organization. Spooky E controlled his world, well until he ran across Jin. Jin felt pity towards Anou, though releasing him would not save him. Still, Anou had a part to play. Before being released from Spooky E’s control, he received a confession letter. The letter in question was planted, though only to go after a smaller fish. Boogiepop caught wind of Anou’s case, and it will be leaving its mark upon Spooky E.

Let’s try and bring all of this together now. The biggest piece one should take away from this is the Towa Organization. We learned only a small bit about this group during the first arc. They are the group that captured Echoes. The mission of this group hasn’t been revealed, yet just know they are the producers of synthetic humans. Spooky E is one of these synthetic humans, and he has an involvement with Aya. Moreover, Jin has grown quite bold. Imaginator wasn’t featured during this episode, but her agent is acting on her behalf. Boogiepop’s chase for Imaginator crossed with Anou’s situation, still the ultimate goal remains. Her ideal world is a world ending threat that must be stopped.

Before jumping down to the media, please note that Boogiepop reviews will now be posted on Sunday’s going forward. This is a unfortunate consequence of handling the recent website problems and too many shows on one day. Nevertheless, it will be the same stuff as always. I’ll be covering it to the end, so don’t worry. Anyhow, Imaginator is still on the run. Enjoy the boy love!





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The chase is still on. Join us each Sunday until this mystery is solved!

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