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Yakusoku no Neverland T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

One more couldn’t hurt, right?

Mama’s call for help has come in the form of Sister Krone. She knows 2 of her best products saw everything, although she won’t be reporting in these details. Her new assistant will help ensure that things are kept in line. Krone’s sole purpose is to keep a very close eye on the children. Moreover, Krone wasn’t the only new arrival. A new family member has arrived, and she’ll enable Emma to find the location of the trackers. Finding the trackers on their grown bodies has been impossible, though each baby that comes in shares a common marking. Behind their ears a red bump can be found. Its appearance looks normal, but beneath that skin is the mechanism that tracks them all. Taking care of these chips will be dealt with later. The important part was finding its location, well at least for now. Still, the escape plan has a few other pressing issues. If they plan to escape with everyone, then each child will need to be physically prepared. So, how about a game of tag?

Mama’s presence has taken a back seat for now, but Sister Krone will prove to be an interesting character. On the surface she plan to obey Mama’s orders of watching over and reporting everything, yet Krone has a plan of her own. She wants to take over Mama’s position by exposing her incompetence. The position of becoming a Mama is limited, and when a chance like this appears one must take it. Additionally, Krone plans to play both sides. During today’s game of tag, Krone made it very clear to Emma that she knows what she saw. However, Krone has claimed to be on her side, too. Whether this is a trap, or the beginning of hope for the future remains to be seen. Anyhow, think you can beat Sister Krone in a game of tag? Enjoy today’s chase!





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There’s much more running to come. Check back in each Thursday to see the escape progress.

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