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Flip Flappers Blu-ray Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko


Things are just not going the right way for our heroines. Yayaka’s crew continues to dominate them, and their impedance has yet to perfectly sync. Nevertheless, their adventures into Pure Illusion must continue. Collection of the remaining crystals against their rival organization is a top priority. Unfortunately, Pure Illusion won’t be handing over its treasure so easily. Cocona and Papika have found themselves stuck in a loop. Once the clock strikes for the 12th time, it’s back to square one. Beating this alternative world will only be possible with aid from the other team. Yayaka has ensured that our heroines won’t be stuck repeating their days forever, though only to further her goal. Once the cycle had broken, it was an all out fight for the amorphous. However, Yayaka’s crew is beginning to splinter. Their lack of team cohesiveness has costed them today’s victory. Those that stick together shall smile together at the end of this battle.

If this episode didn’t confirm the ships, then the rest don’t stand a chance. We had Lily flowers and hand holding all over the place. Moreover, episode 5 displayed the classic horror school setting. If you’re into such scenery this one will be a joy. Things still come with the Pure illusion twist, too. It wouldn’t be an adventure to the other side without the world coming to life. Anyhow, victory awaits. Enjoy the repeated school days!





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The scary times are over. Still, join us for more each day!

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