Gotoubun no Hanayome T.V. Media Review Episode 3

Study time?

Fuutarou’s planned tutoring session won’t be happening today. Nino will not allow any studying under her watch. Even if her sisters are willing to learn from Fuutarou, he will not win this day. Each sister is pulled away from his side, well except for Miku. Still, Nino finds a way to stop any chance of learning. A cooking battle is all it took to waste the day away. Since there was no learning to be had, Fuutarou departs for home. Unfortunately, he forget his flash cards inside the Nakano apartment. Coming back inside was allowed by Miku, but who he encountered first landed him in a world of misunderstandings. Saving Nino from getting hurt while her contacts were out was the right call, although anyone stepping in could look at the situation another way. Nino was only in a towel when this all went down, and finding Fuutarou on top of her only made matters worse. Regardless, Fuutarou won’t face any punishment for his actions. After the facts came forward, he was in the clear. Nino wasn’t too happy about this outcome, yet this presented a golden opportunity for Fuutarou. He’s now gained some knowledge on his most reluctant student. All he’s got to do is show some good faith to get her to come around.

If you’re a Nino fan, well this was somewhat her episode. Roping in the most troublesome sister isn’t over yet. Fuutarou has quite a ways to go before being accepted by Nino. Even at the end of this episode, she still blamed him for everything. Moreover, besides Miku the other sisters will be coming with their own problems. We’ll be tackling those as the weeks roll on out. I believe Ichika should be getting her turn next. Anyhow, it’s time to improve our taste palates. Enjoy Miku’s dish!





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They’ve gotta study some time. Join us for a hopeful study session next week!

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