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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken T.V. Media Review Episode 15

by Yumiko

It’s over, right?

The aftermath of the battle won’t be one where fingers are pointed. Each race has gathered to peacefully discuss the future. At the head of the meeting, Rimuru has lived up to his word. He has taken on the sins of the orcs. They will not be punished for their actions. Their people had little choice in the matter, after all. Still, placing the orcs back into the wastelands would only ignite further problems. A change to the way things worked within the forest would be the only solution going forward. Rimuru has proposed an alliance for all the monsters of Jura Forest. Together they will work as one and stand united in the battles to come. Such a proposal is greeted with cheers all around, though that’s not all. Rimuru will be named Chancellor of the Jura Forest Alliance from this day forward. There’s never an easy day for this slime.

Eyes from afar have been keeping a close watch on the Jura Forest situation. The quick defeat of the Orc Lord has some worried for the future. Just who is this slime that is making headlines? Well, a former face will be first to check up on him. Gazel Dwargo, the Hero King of the Dwarves, has come to pay Rimuru a visit. In order to be sure there is no foul play running about, Gazel wishes to test Rimuru’s character. An exchange of blades will tell him everything he needs to know about Rimuru. A truly noble monster has become the ruler of Jura Forest. Additionally, Gazel’s sudden arrival comes with a offer. He is willing to form a treaty between their two nations. Now, there’s just one thing before making it official. They’ll need a name to reflect their powerful and growing home. The Jura Tempest Federation along with its capital city has been born. Welcome to Rimuru city, everyone!

There was another set of eyes that kept a close watch on everything. The man behind this whole Orc Lord plot, Demon Lord Clayman has shown his face. His plan may have been foiled, though he’s still plotting. This won’t be the last time we see a Demon Lord in action. Nevertheless, it’s almost time for the start of a new arc. We’ve got at least one more big adventure in us. Anyhow, ready to name 150,00 orcs? Enjoy being recognized, Rimuru!


OP: Let’s start the 2nd cour strong!


Episode 15:






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I heard a real cutie is coming to town. Welcome a new member to the cast next Monday here at, Anime Solution!

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