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Brave Witches Blu-ray Media Review Episode 13

by Yumiko

Everybody wants her!

Eila and Sanya have arrived just in time with much needed supplies for the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing squadron. Their arrival also coincides with the end of the year. Christmas may already be behind them, but a New Year’s celebration is right around the corner. However, before the party everyone within the 502nd wants a piece of the new girls. Whether it’s to pick their brains or their bodies, they just can’t get enough. Regardless, everything was done in the name of fun. There’s never a dull moment when witches are at play. Unfortunately, before the party could really kick off the alarms went off. The sudden appearance of a Neuroi means it’s time to hit the sky’s. Still, a single unit stands little chance against the ace of the 501st. Eila will be taking down this unit, and ushering in the New Year with a fiery display.

Long ago this episode was suppose to be one of the first reviews to go up. Sadly things never go according to plan here. I’ve sat on this one for quite some time, and I also needed a break from the usual. Nevertheless, I’m quite the fan of the Strike Witches franchise. I’ll never forget how amazed I was on my fist viewing. Now, not because of the animation or the story telling. What really draws me into these shows is the character interactions. It’s just pure bliss when the girls are having their down time between fights. Moreover, I’m told there’s plenty more Strike Witches animations to come. Hopefully I can get one those covered here in the future. Anyhow, let’s get our hands on Sanya already. Enjoy the firework!





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