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Sword Art Online: Alicization T.V. Media Review Episode 14

by Yumiko

Library time is over.

We’ve got 100 floors to climb, but first it’s time to reequip. They won’t be getting far without their weapons. With fresh clothes and swords in hand, Eugeo and Kirito are ready for action. Their next opponent will be meeting them right out the door, too. A hail of arrows is his game, though he’s got a fiery ace up his sleeve. Integrity Knight Deusolbert Synthesis Seven, won’t be holding anything back against these two “fugitives”. Fortunately, our heroes have one advantage on this knight. Their sword play is something new to Underworld. A veteran knight stands little chance against the legendary Aincrad-style.

The long awaited 2nd cour has begun. I know the info dumping was a tad long, but don’t worry. Going forward we should be in for plenty of action. There’s a 100 floors of climb, after all. Moreover, today’s fight showed just how controlling the Administrator is. Synthesis Seven was the one who turned in Alice all those years ago, yet he doesn’t even remember this. All he can recall upon was a sudden reward. Bringing in Alice to the Administrator aided her greatly, though no one could know about it. Having a known rule breaker as a knight would destroy her web of lies. Still, what Synthesis Seven did all those years ago will forever haunt Eugeo. Taking away his childhood friend has driven him this far, and he won’t stop here. The climb continues, although for another day. Anyhow, an epic fight awaits. Enjoy today’s clash between fire and ice!


OP: A new cour also calls for a new opening!


Episode 14:


ED: Simple, but very elegant nonetheless




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Don’t let those smiles deceive you. Join us again for another round of action next Saturday!

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