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Release the Spyce T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Just queue the music.

They’ve bravely stepped forward, but will they make it in time. Only three apprentices stand before the full might of Mouryou. Now, even if the odds are stacked against them, they will gladly advance forward. Saving their beloved city means the world to them. Fortunately, they do not stand alone in the end. All those that once stood with them have returned. Even our supposed traitor was merely pretending. Being a double agent is apart of the spy life, after all. Regardless, Tendo won’t let her glorious plan go down in flames without a fight. She’s the only obstacle left in the way, though stopping her will be solely left up to Momo. Once Tendo falls, Sorasaki shall be saved. A number of Tsukikage members have fallen to this vile women, yet Momo will change history on this day. The apprentice has surpassed the Master.

Sorasaki has been saved, although we’ve come full circle. Yuki’s time in the spy life will be coming to a close. Her ability to take on spyce has begun to diminish, thus her time has come. Those that join Tsukikage are informed that this day would eventually happen. However, Momo does not wish to see her Mentor go so soon. She believes there’s so much more she can learn from Yuki, yet little does Momo know that she can stand alone now. Yuki has done a excellent job at being Momo’s mentor, and she will do one more thing for her. Once Yuki departs, Momo’s only weakness will go, too. Nevertheless, even once Yuki is gone, everything she has given Momo will carry on. From one mentor to apprentice, Tsukikage is forever.

Our adventures with Tsukikage ends here, however how was the journey? Well, I brought it up previously and now is the time to focus on it. Release the Spyce has a number of issues. I’ll be focusing on just two, though. First, this production was sold as a girls only elite spy adventure. Here’s the the thing about that, we hardly got that. After the first episode, Tsukikage was all over the place. They hardly fought as an organization, and when they did their foes were pushovers. Tendo was their only true challenge, yet even she went out comically. Yeah, they pulled another she “died”. I understand that Tsukikage has to win in the end, but there really was little to no tension. They always had everything in the bag. Moreover, this lack of a true threat is only for the current rendition of Tsukikage. As we learned in episode 9, Tsukikage fought a much more active Mouryou in the past. During that period a member was forced to retire and one even fell in combat. I personally found this to be my favorite episode out of the lot, but it highlighted a major issue. It showed a Tsukikage that was better than the one we got. The Tsukikage of old truly dealt with some difficult situations, and through sacrifices they prevailed. I can not say the same for the current members of Tsukikage.

Sins aside, the music was the strongest part of Release the Spyce. They knew how to get one in the groove when action was coming. Additionally, we do have a cast of cute girls constantly on deck. If you view this as just cute girls doing spy activities, then I guess it won’t be so bad. However, I will have to mark this one down as a 5/10. As a show that took itself serious, they failed to deliver on that front heavily. Regardless, Release the Spyce is by all means watchable. Just don’t expect much out of this original story. Anyhow, it’s time for a new apprentice. Enjoy Mentor Momo!





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