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Sword Art Online: Alicization T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko


Today’s episode features a number of revelations, but before that we have to deal some Integrity Knights. Eldrie won’t allow Eugeo and Kirito one step further. They will return to their cell one way or another. However, their duel came to a stand still when Eugeo recognized who Eldrie truly was. His real name is Eldrie Woolsburg, and he is the most recent winner of the Four-Empire Unification Tournament. Taking on this sudden reveal broke Eldrie. These memories of his were blocked, yet still lingered on. Someone is controlling these knights, though there’s no time to save Eldrie today. Another knight has come to his aid. Eugeo and Kirito have no choice but to flee now. Fortunately, they have a unexpected savior on their side. The voice that had once helped Kirito out has appeared. Cardinal, the sage of the great library has a tale to tell.

Our heroes are in the clear, well at least for now. While Eugeo cleans himself up him, Cardinal will be having a long chat with the unregistered citizen. Cardinal, or also known as the “ Cardinal System”, was once the ruling body of Underworld. However, her reach is now only limited to the library. This all came about due to the rise of the Axiom Church and its leader. Yet, the seeds of discord were planted long before the Axiom Church came into power. One of the 4 administrators who helped raise the first humans was unethical. His children inherited selfish desires, and a endless thirst for power. It wouldn’t be long before his descendants became lords. After several decades these lords would begin practicing political marriages. From the very first one a girl was born. Her name was Quinella, and she was destined to make this world hers. She figured out the Sacred Arts from a young age. Taking full advantage of her power, she gathered many to her side. Her rise to power was quick, although problems began to arise. As her society grew, so did conflicts. In order to control everything the Taboo Index came into play. It was announced under the guise of the gods, though this was all a lie to keep her on top. Unfortunately, before Quinella knew it, she had grown gray. Her time was near, still she sought out more. Upon her death bed she unlocked the ultimate secret of her world. She found the forbidden door. All the commands of her world were hers to use. Restoring her life was her first act, nevertheless this still wasn’t enough. Quinella would go after the Cardinal System next. Her intent was to steal its authority, however she has become one with it.

Talk about an AI that refuses to die. Quinella’s on-going plan is eternal rule, however we know things can’t go on like this. A rogue AI becoming an administrator shouldn’t of been a thing to begin with. Something is going on behind the scenes in the real world, too. Her access to everything couldn’t of just been mere chance. Watch out for any shady figures over there, Asuna. Moreover, this is the end of the line for SAO this year. We’ll be ending this cour beginning on January 5th. The 2nd cour will then start up on the 12th. We’ve got plenty more to go, so keep on looking forward to it. Anyhow, the truth is now out there. Enjoy your stay at the library!





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We’re safe for now, but the action must go on. Join us for the return of SAO next year!

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